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sung without instrumental accompaniment

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When the six of them stepped away from the electronics they hushed the gabbing regulars round in the bar singing a-Capella on a hymn-like Four Bulbs.
Concert Millennium Magic Chorus will be hosting MAXX FACTOR Quartet, as they both hit the stage for Millennium to the MAXX, a night of a-capella excellence, 7 p.m.
With an hour still to go this realisation is only confirmed by a captivating a-capella version of Their Hearts Were Full Of Springs, holding the audience in complete awe.
"Like the a-capella African-style singing that opens and returns towards the end of Nelson Mandela and the most-unusual chord progressions that underlie Ghost Town."
It marks the 30th anniversary of the famous female a-capella group and it is also the farewell tour of the group's charismatic founder, Bernice Johnson Reagon.