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a radioactive element of the actinide series

an electric current that reverses direction sinusoidally

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A-C drives offer tight control without the expense of a tachometer.
In addition, he says, a-c drives can equal or exceed performance of comparable brush-type d-c drives.
In place of a shaft-mounted blower that increases or decreases speed and air flow with motor speed changes, as in self-ventilated motors, TEBC a-c motors have a separately driven blower.
Winding are subject to the same deterioration problems as brush-type d-c motors, and brushless d-c motors are far less widely available, more expensive, and more costly to repair than a-c induction motors.
In fact, minimum downtime and low repair costs are said to be major advantages of a-c inverter motors.
But, he points out, a-c induction motors with totally enclosed frames are readily available and affordable.
In TENV a-c motors, cooling is by radiation of heat through the frame.
One of the more evident advantages of a-c motor technology is potential reduction in equipment downtime and maintenance costs, according to Robert Green, president of C-TAC, Inc.