angiotensin II

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a potent vasopressor agent formed from angiotensin I

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From the east to west, the ratio of the A-II type accessions gradually decreased, the lowest ratio being found in Turkey (0.
In Mongolia, the ratio of [beta]-amylase types seems to reflect the influence of barley germplasm from its neighbors: the C-II allele was from the former USSR and the A-II allele was mainly from China.
In conclusion, on the basis of the classification of [beta]-amylase types, cultivated barley could be divided into five major types from five respective centers of origin in the world: A-II type barley center was in East Asia, B-I type center was in North Europe, B-Ia type center was in the Middle East and Southwest Asia, B-II type barley was spread from Turkey, and the C-II type center was in Ethiopia.
Immunohistochemistry did not show specific cellular APO A-II staining in pediatric brain tumor (see supplementary information IV in the online Data Supplement) or healthy cerebellum tissue sections.
A protein cluster at m/z 17 000 that was highly discriminative between tumor and control patients was identified as APO A-II by purification and subsequent peptide mass fingerprinting and MS/MS.
In most mammals, APO A-II is present in a monomeric form, whereas in humans, APO A-II also exists as a dimer of 2 identical chains, cross-linked by a single disulfide bond at cysteine-6 at the amino terminus of the protein (24, 25).
APO A-II is the second most abundant human HDL apolipoprotein and is synthesized predominantly in the liver (30).
Classes A-I-1, A-I-2, A-I-3, A-I-4 and A-II affirmed at 'AAA';
Classes A-II, A-II-IO-A, A-II-IO-B, R-II and R-III affirmed at 'AAA'.
E[acute accent]-- Classes A-I-1, A-I-2, A-I-3 and A-II affirmed at 'AAA';