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a layer in a soil profile

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Peds (Chapter 1)--Units of soil structure in a soil horizon. They may be blocky, platey, or angular.
The symbol indicates a soil horizon that has been cemented hard by carbonates, gypsum, or other material.
A process or condition of reducing conditions (oxygen depletion) indicated by the presence of gray and mottled gray colors in a soil horizon.
Typically the clay values are low for the A soil horizon, increase in the B, and decrease in the C horizons.
Griffiths (1985) adopted the term `degree of packing' to identify the in situ consistence of peds or matrix material in a soil horizon. Degree of packing is a measure of how closely or densely the particles or peds are packed together within a horizon and reflects the ease with which particles or peds may be removed from the horizon.