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a list of names of specially favored people

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She drew him hurriedly into the hall of the hotel, on the wall of which hung a list of visitors' names.
The Reverend Professor Henslow has published a list of the plants collected by me at the Keeling Islands; and the Reverend J.
First of all," began Margaret, "we must make a list and tick off the people's names.
The din is so confusing, and your aunt is quite right--one ought to make a list.
And now," said he, "I want you to make a list of the furniture shops, for they all sell crockery.
Here's a list of exciting opportunities, including some that will help you save for college while paying you a stipend.
We use a list showing the action item, the due date, the individual responsible for the item and exactly where the resulting document or payment should go.
Note: An additional release on the Bay Bridge Sound-Off will be sent out the week of May 16th with updated information and a list of participating celebrities.