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a list of names of specially favored people

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6107(b) requires an income tax return preparer, for a period of three years after the close of the return period, to (1) retain a completed copy of the return or claim, or a list of the names and taxpayer identification numbers of the taxpayers for whom the return or claim was prepared; and (2) make the copy or list available for inspection on request by the Service.
Similarly, MAP-FIT provides a list of students who have expressed interest in leadership positions.
One-hundred and fifty-one long term care facilities have received "AAA" status on a list of the nation's top-performing nursing homes, according to the list's creator, CareScout.
We use a list showing the action item, the due date, the individual responsible for the item and exactly where the resulting document or payment should go.
* A list of action items categorized by responsible person, date and recipient.
According to new evidence, however, even 3-month-olds can learn the arbitrary order of a list of items and, when given age-appropriate prompts, remember that information a day later.
Below is a list "ownership" situations to consider in tax planning or when filing a return for a completed transaction: