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sung without instrumental accompaniment

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For the uninitiated, a capella is group or solo singing in choral style without instrumental accompaniment.
What he had was a capella reinvented: Live voices went from a microphone and were fed into the computer program known as Ableton Live and looped through, all in real time.
The audience cheered Voices of Harmony, a capella pop choir, as well as classics cover artist, Ken Newman; Modern oud and Arabic drum players, Yazan & Ibrahim, and headline act, Rated R, a Filipino funk, soul and pop band.
Comedy a capella group The Blanks, right, will be familiar to those millions of worldwide fans of Scrubs - the hit US hospital comedy that ran for nine seasons in America and can now be seen regularly on UK television.
THE Breidenbacher Hof, a Capella Hotel, Dusseldorf, recently reopened with its original grandeur right in the heart of the Konigsallee, Dusseldorf's famed avenue of premier shops and designer boutiques.
Caption: Bizzi & Partners Development recently celebrated the announcement of the Setai Fifth Avenue, a Capella Managed Hotel, at a luncheon at the Morgan Library.
The Pacarana block is located to the south of the company-owned Ombu E&P contract which contains a Capella heavy oil discovery.