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one who has achieved a state of perfect enlightenment

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The visual imagination is central to Tibetan culture: the center of Tibetan tantric yoga is a complex series of visualization exercises, and the third of the three bodies of a Buddha includes the Artistic Emanation.
The story of the serial is based on the life of Lord Buddha that shows how a prince, Siddhartha became a Buddha.
The great Bodhisattva, Manjushri was asked if he had encountered anyone, anywhere in his vast travels, who had followed the Lotus Sutra so well that they were qualified to become a Buddha quickly.
Adding that she could never become a Brahma--king, Indra, a Mara--king, a holy wheel--rolling king, or a Buddha, since they all have male bodies, he asked how she could possibly expect to become a buddha.
And she said, "With your supernatural powers, watch me as I become a Buddha even more quickly
Then the whole congregation saw her suddenly change into a man, carry out all the bodhisattva practices, and go to the pure world in the south, where she sat upon a jeweled lotus flower, attained supreme awakening, acquired the thirty--two major and eighty minor marks of a buddha, and began to teach the Dharma all over the universe.
She had already made considerable progress on the Way and demonstrated great compassion before becoming a buddha suddenly.
She leaves a palace--which in a Lotus Sutra is always a symbol of luxury and comfort in order to come into this world to help others by becoming a Buddha.
It is important to see that she can be a teacher of the Dharma and a buddha for us even during the process of becoming a buddha.