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one who has achieved a state of perfect enlightenment

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A Buddha is not a god (in Buddhist cosmology, gods come and go).
Translations of key texts are placed at the end of other chapters in the book as well, such as texts relating to the making of Buddha images in the chapter on "Constructing a Buddha Image" and to the politics of specific images in the chapter entitled "The Body of the Buddha.
Buddhists disagree about the transcendent truths that a Buddha awakens to, but they consistently hold to the relational implications of the metaphor in the notion of "Buddha": A Buddha is to us as we are to people who are asleep.
When a Buddha awakens, he sees clearly that ordinary people think that the world is other than it is.
We shift gears significantly when we say that our primary interest is in Gautama as a great historical figure and not in Gautama as a Buddha.
Indeed, its feet with marble inlay depicting the 108 "auspicious signs" of a buddha were beautiful.
I wanted to be a monk because I wanted to realize my dream to be a Buddha, and to realize happiness,'' Quang Hanh said.
The visual imagination is central to Tibetan culture: the center of Tibetan tantric yoga is a complex series of visualization exercises, and the third of the three bodies of a Buddha includes the Artistic Emanation.
The story of the serial is based on the life of Lord Buddha that shows how a prince, Siddhartha became a Buddha.
The great Bodhisattva, Manjushri was asked if he had encountered anyone, anywhere in his vast travels, who had followed the Lotus Sutra so well that they were qualified to become a Buddha quickly.
Adding that she could never become a Brahma--king, Indra, a Mara--king, a holy wheel--rolling king, or a Buddha, since they all have male bodies, he asked how she could possibly expect to become a buddha.