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Synonyms for scissors

an edge tool having two crossed pivoting blades

a wrestling hold in which you wrap your legs around the opponents body or head and put your feet together and squeeze

a gymnastic exercise performed on the pommel horse when the gymnast moves his legs as the blades of scissors move

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References in classic literature ?
He took the ribbon out of the box, smiled at it scornfully, then with a pair of scissors cut out a piece from the palm of the glove.
After the game coffee was brought, and "while frequent cups prolong the rich repast," Belinda unthinkingly gave the Baron a pair of scissors.
Club suppers had occurred in the bedrooms, and a dressed tongue had been carved with a pair of scissors, and handed round with the curling tongs.
Steadying herself against the post of the folding-door, she took a pair of scissors from her pocket, waited until Noel Vanstone (from whose view she was entirely hidden) had attracted Magdalen's attention by speaking to her, and then bent forward, with the scissors ready in her hand.
Cardenio and the curate were watching all this from among some bushes, not knowing how to join company with the others; but the curate, who was very fertile in devices, soon hit upon a way of effecting their purpose, and with a pair of scissors he had in a case he quickly cut off Cardenio's beard, and putting on him a grey jerkin of his own he gave him a black cloak, leaving himself in his breeches and doublet, while Cardenio's appearance was so different from what it had been that he would not have known himself had he seen himself in a mirror.
Then he seized a pair of scissors, cut off his long hair, and went out along the path down the hill to the river, where he had not been for more than three years.
It has the power of turning very shortly in the air, and in so doing opens and shuts its tail, sometimes in a horizontal or lateral and sometimes in a vertical direction, just like a pair of scissors.
The widow took a pair of scissors that hung at her waist, cut off her hair, and laid the locks in her husband's hand.
The dervish did his best to reply, but his moustache was so thick that his words were hardly intelligible, and the prince, perceiving what was the matter, took a pair of scissors from his saddle pockets, and requested permission to cut off some of the moustache, as he had a question of great importance to ask the dervish.
What I needed was a pair of scissors, just like the ones in the toolbox I didn''t have.
According to prosecution records, the two defendants attacked two compatriots after attacking one of them with a pair of scissors.
A SHOP worker has been subjected to a "ferocious" attack with a pair of scissors during a botched robbery.
A MAN brandished a pair of scissors at police and threatened to stab them, a court heard.
Summary: One of the smallest babies born in the UK has survived, thanks to a pair of scissors.
COPS are hunting a man who attacked two people with a pair of scissors.