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a member of the ninja who were trained in martial arts and hired for espionage or sabotage or assassinations

a class of 14th century Japanese who were trained in martial arts and were hired for espionage and assassinations

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Students had the opportunity to be a ninja for the day and explore the various obstacles and Warped Wall that Ultimate Ninja has to offer.
While the city was known for its ninja tourism, it is currently facing competition from other Japanese cities - Nagoya opens ninja schools where tourists, both local and foreign, can train as ninja apprentices; Tokyo is building a ninja museum similar to what Iga has; and Koga is claiming to be the 'original home of the ninja.'
Tourists are given an opportunity to dress like a ninja and explore the city's ninja heritage for an entire day.
"To be a ninja warrior, you have to be stealthy, athletic like a ninja.
Created by a teacher of haiku to appeal to kids age 9 and up, Ninja Mouse exemplifies many of the respected qualities of a Ninja warrior.
Rancho Santa Margarita, CA, May 04, 2012 --( Stealthier than a ninja, the new Fitness Business Ninja program is a complete online business solution for personal trainers, martial arts and mixed martial arts instructors, group fitness programs, small gyms, boot camp and CrossFit instructors.
Lots of details of a ninja's training (did you know they learned to dislocate their joints at will, in order to hide better?) and Koji's spunky nature and dangerous escapades make this riveting reading for younger YAs fascinated by the mysterious and ever-popular ninja.
Tracy Aleckson, coordinator of this event, is passionate about getting students from around the county together to meet others "just like them!" Students had the opportunity to be a ninja for the day and explore the various obstacles and warp wall that Ultimate Ninja has to offer.
"Tsubame the Ninja" is a fabulous story about an ordinary boy in an ordinary home who lives as a ninja during the night, a normal human boy during the day.
Those who think a Ninja is a stealthy Bruce Lee-style black-clad assassin.
Disguised as a pilgrim and accompanied by a ninja, Seikei travels to a province in the far north to ascertain the maker of the paper from which the butterfly was created.