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Synonyms for bless

Synonyms for bless

to make sacred by a religious rite

Synonyms for bless

confer prosperity or happiness on

Related Words

make the sign of the cross over someone in order to call on God for protection


render holy by means of religious rites

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A Blessing in Disguise probes deeply into such questions, revealing that life rarely provides easy answers or tidy resolutions.
Editor of Your Pension, Paula John, said: "It seems that the miserly basic British pension is a blessing in disguise, since the pay-outs are encouraging many to take responsibility for finances in retirement.
It's a blessing in disguise that the Pakistani cricket players were not selected in IPL considering the pathetic performance of Pakistani team during its matches in Australia," The Nation quoted Mir, as saying.
GLENN HODDLE is hoping Tottenham's third round exit from the FA Cup will prove to be a blessing in disguise.
Within a week, Prophet 21 helped Quality Tools and Services install its own VPN, and Baham now counts the incident as a blessing in disguise.
Both events count towards the Ryder standings and Monty said: "It could be a blessing in disguise that they failed to qualify here.
So in a way, I think it was a blessing in disguise.
Although a tough year, it may end up being a blessing in disguise as we should see an increased replacement cycle of terminals for the next couple of years.
Fingering the problem: Luke Prokopec had to leave Saturday earlier than hoped because of a blister on the middle finger of his pitching hand, but he said the injury might have been a blessing in disguise.
But Miss Dessoy added: "It was a blessing in disguise, because it will give the party a chance to get rid of the dead wood.
The injury is probably a blessing in disguise for McGuire.
When Royal High's Roy Moon broke his driver during the Southern Section golf regional back on May 10 at River Ridge in Oxnard, it was a blessing in disguise.
It's been a blessing in disguise,'' UCLA coach Steve Lavin said.
The years of pent-up demand for housing is exploding to the surface, and the lack of inventory may be a brake on sales and a blessing in disguise,'' said Realtor Bud Mauro, the association's president.
Considering the free-ranging distemper of what we can understand, though, that's something of a blessing in disguise.