battle of wits

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a contest in which intelligence rather than violence is used

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"Having trained alongside him we both know each other's strength and weaknesses so it will be a battle of wits this weekend.
The men and the women fined themselves engaged in a battle of wits and wills in this superbly written, 206-page Regency romance that engages the readers total attention from first page to last.
In Jurassic Park, Laura Dern's near-deadly encounter with a velociraptor plays like a narrow escape from a slasher in a horror flick, while Sam Neill's match-up with Tyrannosaurus Rex is a more of a battle of wits. Even in Independence Day, which offers a multi-ethnic trio of heroes (white president, black fighter pilot, Jewish computer whiz), it's up to the men to save the world.
"At times it was a battle of wits because there was mutual respect."
Vibrant watercolors and simple words bring to life a battle of wits between fox and pig, with dinner for the fox and survival for the pig at stake!