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a crystalline metallic element not found in nature

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Pharmacopeia (USP) Sodium Pertechnetate Tc 99m Injection from Mo-99.
It is other members of the LMA who happily take over from a sacked manager (sometimes agreeing to do so even with the current manager still in position) and it is also LMA members who have benefitted most from the pounds 99m being handed out by clubs.
Pre-tax profits of pounds 99m compared with pounds 81m in the first half last year and were slightly ahead of City expectations of around pounds 97m.
4] Because the radiopharmaceutical clears from the blood pool rapidly, this procedure often is used to image sites near circulation such as vascular prostheses, whereas Tc 99m radiopharmaceuticals are rarely used for vascular scintigraphy.
Although Arthrex continues to challenge some rulings in the case through appellate courts, Arthrex paid USD 99m in satisfaction of the judgment, which includes USD 4m in costs and interest payments.
The purpose of this study was to correlate perfusion (blood flow) rest thallium/stress Tc 99m sestamibi test results with gated (wall motion) test results and to examine if there were any major differences in outcome by gender.
99m Tc anti-CD 15 monoclonal antibody (LeuTech) imaging improves diagnostic accuracy and clinical management in patients with equivocal presentation of appendicitis.
A kidney, ureter, and bladder examination revealed pelvic calcification, and a technetium 99m (Tc 99m) sestamibi scan showed persistent activity bilaterally in the region of the inferior poles of the thyroid gland (figure 1).
The contract is a continuous supply of 99 Mo-99m Tc generator activity at least 9 GBq 99m in the eluent on the day of calibration, including tools and vials for the implementation of the elution of the generator for a period of four years according to the current needs of the principal.
This agreement will augment and further diversify Covidien's supply of Molybdenum 99 (Mo 99) to produce the medical isotope Technetium 99m (Tc 99m).
Lot 2 (cold kit for 99m Tc labeling myocardial perfusion (5 dose per kit)) None.
Part 3 - Set for preparation of 99m Tc-nanokoloid human albumin;