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(statistics) any of the 99 numbered points that divide an ordered set of scores into 100 parts each of which contains one-hundredth of the total


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Grassley ranked in the 98th percentile of all senators in bill introductions, introducing 64 bills and resolutions in 2017.
One possible explanation is that summer temperatures rarely exceed a critical level for public health risks in Sweden; in Stockholm, the lowest YLL was observed at the 98th percentile of temperature, making it difficult to detect adverse effects of extreme heat on YLL.
At the 98th percentile point, the difference between the two savings distributions declines to $4,150 (p < .
According to research done by Bogalusa Heart Study, 84 percent of children with body mass index (BMI) between the 95th percentile and 98th percentile became obese adults, while BMI greater than the 98th percentile correlate with adult obesity 100 percent of the time (Freedman, Mei, Srinivasan, Berenson, & Dietz, 2007).
Of the 10,500 blacks who took the LSAT in January 2002, 29 scored at or above the 92nd percentile, a very good score, but not good enough for admission to one of the top half-dozen schools, where the median LSAT is at or above the 98th percentile.
That she is a member (and twice president) of Mensa Philippines--my understanding is the only way one qualifies for membership is if one scores within the 98th percentile or higher of any approved standard intelligence test--indicates that she not only is very bright, but that she has leadership qualities.
Compliance with the standard is determined based on the 98th percentile for each year and averaged over a three-year period.
The significant increase in extreme precipitation episodes has been observed in Azad Jammu and Kashmir, Sindh , Northern Areas and Balochistan at all thresholds except that the events at 98th percentile has not been found in Northern Areas and Balochistan.
It is a non-profit organisation open to people who score at the 98th percentile or higher on a standardised, supervised IQ or other approved intelligence test.
32 per cent in the first nine months of this year, is ranked in the 98th percentile of the Bloomberg Index, putting it in the top 10 of all Islamic funds reporting to Bloomberg.
For most purposes, from academic testing to Mensa membership, the "gifted" cutoff is an IQ at or above the 98th percentile, usually about 130.
The district's effort consisted of combining (1) a workshop to encourage first-grade teachers to refer students for evaluation, especially students who belonged to minority racial groups or who were economically disadvantaged, and (2) the implementation of new policy requiring alternative tests for students who belong to historically underrepresented groups and who do not score in the 98th percentile or higher on the full scale of a comprehensive, individually administered intelligence test.
Talent Search/SMPY seeks to serve students who perform above the 98th percentile on achievement tests and above certain levels on above-grade standardized tests (Colangelo et al.
They were number one in the state for emergency departments, and in the 98th percentile nationwide," she said.