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(statistics) any of the 99 numbered points that divide an ordered set of scores into 100 parts each of which contains one-hundredth of the total


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Other highly significant differences were found in the proportions who were obese, defined as 95th percentile or greater BMI for age and sex (86% vs.
For the purpose of this study, the 85th percentile of BMI was used as the reference point for overweight and the 95th percentile for obesity.
A more appropriate measure for a CCRC may be to set aside funds based upon the notion of having enough funds to pay for care based upon the 95th percentile of life expectancy.
RS: Using CDC criteria, if a child's body mass index is between the 85th and 95th percentile, that child is overweight.
If a person's body mass index (BMI, measured as weight divided by height squared [kg/m2]) falls above the 85th percentile, he or she is "overweight;" above the 95th percentile is "obese."
The average daily intakes reported in surveys in European countries are above the recommended daily intakes, with the 95th percentile intakes from food and supplements ranging up to about 1 g/day.
(1) Overall, 9% of the more than 32,000 children were obese (i.e., had a body mass index at or above the 95th percentile for their age and sex) at 39-42 months of age.
Although students graduating from the department as a whole are no different than the national average, each year there is always a student or two who achieve at or above the 95th percentile nationally, and several who score above the 80th percentile.
This system observed the total distance, total time, peak speed (95th percentile).
The AAP says the decrease in infant mortality among breast-fed infants overwhelms the current estimate of the small risk to the child--even for women at the 95th percentile of PCB levels.
A 75th-percentile district (revenue = $8,136/student), for example, would take a 17-percent hit; a 95th percentile district (revenue = $12,717/student) would take a 47-percent hit, reducing their districts' per-student revenues by almost half.
Her head circumference remained above the 95th percentile.
According to the consumer finances data, "the typical household's real estate share far exceeds the 29 percent share attributed to real estate in the aggregate." In fact, say the authors, "the aggregate equity and real estate shares reported in the Flow of Funds Accounts are more characteristic of a household at the 95th percentile than a household at the midpoint of the wealth distribution."