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the 90 degree angle between two perpendicular lines

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They both appear to be 90 degree changes, but VRB does not have a lead radial and DHN does.
The slide arm bridge (slide plate) leaves the factory with a 90 degree angle at its front end.
Every time you curl your arm to 90 degrees and upward you work the front of the arm.
The temperature in Eugene has hit 90 degrees only once so far this year - on July 24.
The TG113 90 degree peel test jig includes an upper wedge grip and lower fixture containing rollers, which can be used in conjunction with one of Lloyd Instruments' low force universal materials test instruments such as the LFPlus tester.
Run two outside edge boards at 90 degrees to the main ones.
"It's 90 degrees back home," she said, with a laugh.
Stand and hinge 90 degrees to a flat back position, then slightly bend knees and support your head on the barre.
The pilot had to circle in the skies above Los Angeles burning off fuel before landing with the nose wheel skewed 90 degrees to the runway.
With legs three feet apart, turn your right foot out 90 degrees and your left foot in 30 degrees.
The STM side rail clamps have an adjoining laterally-telescoping handle that is lockable in three rotational pivot positions: 0, 45 and 90 degrees. With 90 degrees of travel it gives the individual user an adjustable, comfortable and convenient operating angle.
* Designed for ease of service, with rear service doors opening 90 degrees for easy access to both sides of the in-line-mounted engine
During the relevant period, the unit experienced temperatures over 90 degrees only nine percent of the time, recorded temperatures over 95 degrees only seven times, and never recorded temperatures over 100 degrees.
It has horizontal and vertical viewing angles of 170 degrees, a screen swivel angle of 90 degrees, a screen tilt angle of 30 degrees up and 5 degrees down, and it can be rotated 90 degrees for portrait or landscape modes.
Take a dumbell or a bottle of water in your right hand and bring your elbow up to your side (so it is at 90 degrees) and your upper arm is parallel with the floor.