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memory device consisting of a long thin plastic strip coated with iron oxide

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A second effort which utilizes mass storage media will replace the 9-track tape drives on AWACS with hard-disk media storage.
Most of the routine interconnection will be handled by 9-track magnetic tapes and overnight mail," said Lammers.
Moreover, it really is important to users whether an external interface medium will be, say, floppy, disk, 9-track tape, or direct electronic communications.
However at 14nm-XM FinFET technology, much higher performance and more energy-efficient ARM processors can be implemented using 9-track libraries resulting in further die-size reductions.
Data Courier's databases are loaded and updated on tape in MARC format on 6250 BPI 9-track tape or 3480 cartridge, suitable for most mainframe computers.
ARM provided a full implementation of the test chip, which contained an ARM Cortex[TM]-M0 processor, ARM Artisan[R] prototype libraries (both 12-track high performance and 9-track high density versions), custom memories, GPIO, and test structures.
0 software and installation program on compact disc as well as 9-track tape, DAT and Exabyte tape.
Band on the Run will be available in a variety of formats originating with the single disc digitally remastered, essential 9-track standard edition.
LC also announced that it was making available MARC cataloging data on 9-track tape or tape cartridge, machine-readable bibliographies of the National Library of Australia and the National Library of New Zealand.
FREE, DeGraw's stripped-down 9-track collection of songs, is the follow-up to his self-titled 2008 Top 10 album.
The decrease in revenues can be primarily attributed to a decline in AIT- and SDLT-based library revenue and the lack of 9-track tape drive revenue in the fourth quarter of fiscal 2004, partially offset by higher revenue from tape libraries incorporating LTO and SAIT tape drives.
The third quarter marked the first time in our history with no contribution from our legacy 9-track tape drives, after shipping our final production last quarter.
During the second quarter, we made one final shipment of 9-track drives totaling $322,000.
Second quarter sales were also bolstered by one final shipment of 9-track tape drives totaling approximately $322,000.
Qualstar(R) Corporation (Nasdaq:QBAK) a leading manufacturer of automated tape storage solutions, today announced the final shipment of its 9-track tape drives, marking the end of an era.