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memory device consisting of a long thin plastic strip coated with iron oxide

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9-Track Tape: Magnetic tape on which many government agencies keep their computerized records.
Once scanned, files are stored on floppy diskette, 9-track tape, or cartridge tape according to customer specifications.
The benchmarks are made available by FTP (on ARPAnet) or by 9-track tar-tapes.
For example, there are more than a dozen companies currently shipping 9-track tape products, although 9-track has been out of the mainstream for decades.
The current E-3 AWACS configuration includes three 9-track tape drives (800 BPI, 2,400-ft tapes), for initial program loading and for data recording.
"Most of the routine interconnection will be handled by 9-track magnetic tapes and overnight mail," said Lammers.
Moreover, it really is important to users whether an external interface medium will be, say, floppy, disk, 9-track tape, or direct electronic communications.