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memory device consisting of a long thin plastic strip coated with iron oxide

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Through its maintenance program, Anacomp provides new and refurbished 9-track drives and heads, routine maintenance and spare parts, brand name 9-track media, and data conversion services to the thousands of companies which continue to rely on 9-track tape for universal data interchange.
Anacomp has the resources and capabilities to provide a complete solution for 9-track tape maintenance," said Michael Harris, vice president of marketing for Anacomp's Magnetics' business.
Second quarter sales were also bolstered by one final shipment of 9-track tape drives totaling approximately $322,000.
Qualstar(R) Corporation (Nasdaq:QBAK) a leading manufacturer of automated tape storage solutions, today announced the final shipment of its 9-track tape drives, marking the end of an era.
Since the company's inception in 1983, Qualstar has played a major role in the development and growth of the 9-track market.
Revenues were lower due to the protracted economic downturn and its consequent negative impact on corporate IT budgets, fewer sales of the Company's maturing TLS libraries and the discontinuation of 9-track tape drive production.
Founded in 1984, Qualstar is a leading manufacturer of automated cartridge tape libraries as well as 9-track tape drives, with an installed base of over 35,000 units.
For example, in September, we announced that we would exit the 9-track tape drive market, an area where we have competed for 19 years.
Founded in 1984, Qualstar is a leading manufacturer of automated cartridge tape libraries, as well as 9-track tape drives, with an installed base of more than 36,000 units.
Two thousand (2,000) 9-track tapes were transcribed in July 2002 over one thousand eleven (1,011) in June 2002.
When asked to comment on the progress of the tape transcription operations, Neil Moore, President of SCS, stated, "During the ramp-up period, the condition of the 9-track seismic data tapes presented to us for transcription have been in the worst physical condition possible as well as the most difficult data format to read efficiently.
DesignWare Logic Libraries give engineers the ability to optimize their entire SoC design for speed and energy efficiency by including 9-track high-density and 12-track high-speed libraries with long channels, and power optimization kits to reduce power consumption.
The new 9-track CD is a mix of new original tunes and 2 covers, and includes the original song 'Icebreaker” featured in their new music video.
ICL has developed a new phase encoded, 9-track magnetic tape system for use with its System 4 computers.
The 9-track tapes will be compatible with both current and proposed ISO and ECMA standards.