magnetic tape

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memory device consisting of a long thin plastic strip coated with iron oxide

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A second effort which utilizes mass storage media will replace the 9-track tape drives on AWACS with hard-disk media storage.
Most of the routine interconnection will be handled by 9-track magnetic tapes and overnight mail," said Lammers.
Moreover, it really is important to users whether an external interface medium will be, say, floppy, disk, 9-track tape, or direct electronic communications.
Data Courier's databases are loaded and updated on tape in MARC format on 6250 BPI 9-track tape or 3480 cartridge, suitable for most mainframe computers.
0 software and installation program on compact disc as well as 9-track tape, DAT and Exabyte tape.
LC also announced that it was making available MARC cataloging data on 9-track tape or tape cartridge, machine-readable bibliographies of the National Library of Australia and the National Library of New Zealand.