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the official who signals the beginning of a race or competition


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employee of a transportation company who controls the departures of vehicles according to weather conditions and in the interest of efficient service

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Currently they must communicate with 9-1-1 operators using a relay center or a specialized communications device.
It has been credited with helping 9-1-1 operators and dispatchers save lives nationwide.
Information is only made available to 9-1-1 operators when the citizen dials 9-1-1 from a number associated with their Safety Profile.
In addition, today's systems do not capture wireless callers' locations, requiring 9-1-1 operators to rely solely on information provided by wireless callers to respond to emergencies.
The union representing 9-1-1 operators and EMS dispatchers urges Dept.
Noting that shortly after the new system went on line following a recent $88 million upgrade, it began experiencing glitches and operational failures, Roberts said, "The 9-1-1 operators were forced to record emergency information by hand on slips of paper in order for runners to race through the emergency call center's vast Brooklyn headquarters to deliver them to dispatchers charged with alerting the appropriate response team.
com by entering vital data they want to make available to 9-1-1 operators in the event of a 9-1-1 call.
com by entering vital data that they want made available to 9-1-1 operators in the event they make a 9-1-1 call.
Smart911(TM) Provides 9-1-1 Operators and First Responders with Rapid Access to Critical Information
Citizens can choose to record their own information such as medical conditions, disabilities, special needs, locations of relevant rooms in their houses or apartments, and any other details they think 9-1-1 operators should see in the case of an emergency call.
9-1-1 operators whose centers have purchased Smart911 from AT&T can immediately act upon the data included in callers' SmartSafety profiles, dispatching law enforcement, firefighters or medical personnel to the scene with important facts already in hand.
Allergies can be listed in a SmartSafety profile so 9-1-1 operators can properly inform EMTs, even if the caller isn't able to speak.
If someone with dementia can't remember his or her apartment number, 9-1-1 operators can easily find this information in the caller's profile and dispatch help right to the front door, instead of having to locate the floor and unit once first responders arrive at the apartment complex.