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Synonyms for octave

a feast day and the seven days following it

a musical interval of eight tones

a rhythmic group of eight lines of verse

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COREPTEC, S.A., La Pulida y 8va. Transversal, San Carlos,
These six pieces, for black keys only, explore the concepts one expects in pre-reading books: basic rhythms of quarter note/rest through whole note/rest, straightforward dynamics of p, mp, mf, f, and an occasional hint of concepts yet to come such as 8va and staccato.
The snowball is melted down twelve times a year but always comes again to bring a sense of coolness after "the scorching sun" and in winter "the glory of the snow." The coldness and distance of the moon is evoked in the piano introduction with pianissimo repeated chords 8va in 5/4 meter over a sustained chord in the left hand.
Ponencia presentada en el 8va Conferencia Internacional Work, Stress, and Health 2009: Global Concerns and Approaches, 5-8 de noviembre de 2009, Hotel Caribe Hilton, San Juan, Puerto Rico.