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a musical note having the time value of an eighth of a whole note


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165) is best treated as two appoggiature before each 8th note. In the first, the verb hanno prevails, while the second involves equally weak [no[.sub.[??]]il].
B1/C2 The second phrase, qui dentro il bebbero, calls for an even split of [tro[.sub.[??]]il] on the 8th note, with [tro] claiming the stronger pulse.
B1/A4/B2 The third phrase, La causa e amore requires [a[.sub.[??]][epsilon][.sub.[??]]a] all on a quick 8th note pickup.
But the full 8th note should be given to [af] because of the secondary stress (s-d-f-d).
Here [[.sup.[??]][epsilon][??].[??]i a] assimilates to [[.sup.[??]][epsilon][??].[??]a], with the verb naturally occupying the entire 8th note as a result.
In bar 13, Fiordiligi sings sia il to two tied 8th notes, the first of which is again the syllabic vowel.