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a musical note having the time value of an eighth of a whole note


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il] on the 8th note, with [tro] claiming the stronger pulse.
But the full 8th note should be given to [af] because of the secondary stress (s-d-f-d).
a], with the verb naturally occupying the entire 8th note as a result.
In bar 13, Fiordiligi sings sia il to two tied 8th notes, the first of which is again the syllabic vowel.
le'] should fall directly on beat four (category 4b), and the result is four successive 8th notes beginning on the third beat.
At this wonderfully seductive moment in the opera, Mozart sets the first three lines almost slavishly to eight syllabic 8th notes, but the symmetry disappears in the fourth line, which consists of nine notes in a different rhythmic pattern.