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memory device consisting of a long thin plastic strip coated with iron oxide

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The 4mm and 8mm tape technologies are at the low end of the cost spectrum while 19mm tape cartridges are at the high end.
If videocassettes for camcorder use - especially VHS-Cand 8mm tapes - are also considered part of photo sales, the dollars generated climb even higher.
'NetWorker was bundled with one of the first autoloaders developed in 1993, an 8mm tape device that looked and operated like a slide projector,' Cole says.
According to industry figures, sales of 8mm tape grew by 92% last year, while VHSC tape volume grew by 60%.
First appearing in 1996, AIT is a compact, helical scan 8MM tape format in a 3.5-in., half-height form factor.
He says that two versions of 8mm tape could be especially strong-sellers in drug stores.
1 - IBM 6400 Line Printer 1 - IBM 3180 Console Monitor and Keyboard 2 - IBM MT2834BL Modems 2 IBM 8235-031 Dial-In Access to Lans Server Token Ring 1 IBM 8228 Multistation Access Unit 1 IBM 3995-C45 Optical Library Data server 1 IBM 3590 Tape Drive 1 IBM AS400 9406 Model 530 Computer 1 IBM 9406-520 Expansion Unit 1 IBM 7208-342 External 8mm Tape Drive 1 IBM Equipment Rack Miscellaneous Cables, Adapters, Manuals, Green Bar Paper, Printer Ribbons
According to Freeman Reports, 8mm tape revenue, as represented by AIT, is expected to rise through 2005 to $630 million.
Several years after the 3480, Exabyte introduced a very high-density tape system based upon the commercial 8mm tape cassette.
Priced below DLT, but above DDS, high-end 8mm tape systems compete head-to-head with DLT.
Ecrix's VXA-1 drive has applied some new thinking to 8mm tape drives.
AIT-2, Sony's current generation of 8mm tape began shipping earlier this year, just a few months after the initial planned start of shipments.
Several years ago 4mm and 8mm tape technologies were "kicking sand" at the DC6000 form factor.
The final option is to convert 8mm tapes via an 8mm camcorder that is connected through the VIDBOX program.
There were ten or 12 old cassette style, 8mm tapes and an 8mm camera to watch them on.