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memory device consisting of a long thin plastic strip coated with iron oxide

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The 4mm and 8mm tape technologies are at the low end of the cost spectrum while 19mm tape cartridges are at the high end.
As you watch the 8mm tape, call up the on-screen editing menu.
Exabyte engineered NetStorM(TM), an expansive managed storage network architecture combining automated storage libraries -- Exabyte's Arrowhead(TM) DLTtape(TM) and MammothTape 8mm tape libraries with Fibre Channel connectivity -- Fibre Channel networking, end-to-end management software and support from leading SAN (storage area network) backup applications for Windows NT and UNIX.
Exabyte markets NetStorM, a Storage Area Network (SAN) solution that combines Arrowhead DLT and Mammoth 8mm tape libraries with Fibre Channel connectivity, Fibre Channel networking, end-to-end management software and support from leading SAN backup applications for Windows NT and UNIX.
Exabyte's Mammoth 8mm tape drive offers up to 40 GB capacity and 360 MB per minute data transfer rate.
According to Freeman Reports, 8mm tape revenue, as represented by AIT, is expected to rise through 2005 to $630 million.
This model allows users to capture high-resolution digital still images to the camcorder's 2MB flash memory or directly onto a Hi8 or 8mm tape.
Several years after the 3480, Exabyte introduced a very high-density tape system based upon the commercial 8mm tape cassette.
Exabyte's Eliant 820 8mm Tape Drive Brings Increased Performance,
Its heritage comprises an impressive list of industry "firsts," including the first manufacturer of tape drives to break the 1, 2, and 5 GB capacity barriers, the first to introduce 8mm tape drives and libraries, the first to offer native Fibre Channel and FireWire drives and libraries, and the first and only manufacturer to offer VXA Packet Technology, which enables its VXA Packet drives, autoloaders and tapes to read and write data in packets like the Internet, enabling far superior restore integrity, exceptional transfer speeds and scalable tape capacities.
Priced below DLT, but above DDS, high-end 8mm tape systems compete head-to-head with DLT.
as a new OEM customer and announced that it has begun supplying Micron with the Exabyte Mammoth 8mm Tape Drive.
Ecrix's VXA-1 drive has applied some new thinking to 8mm tape drives.
that it has begun supplying its Mammoth 8mm Tape Drive to QuVIS, which
AIT-2, Sony's current generation of 8mm tape began shipping earlier this year, just a few months after the initial planned start of shipments.