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Synonyms for U

a base containing nitrogen that is found in RNA (but not in DNA) and derived from pyrimidine

a heavy toxic silvery-white radioactive metallic element

(chiefly British) of or appropriate to the upper classes especially in language use

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Miranda s NVISION 8144 Hybrid router, part of Miranda s NVISION 8500 enterprise-class router series, combines highly advanced features with performance and efficiency within a 144x144 matrix, all contained in a space-saving 8RU frame.
Nicolas Church, Kings Norton, B38 8RU on Monday 9th September 2013 at 1.
With a selection of 1RU, 2RU, 4RU, and 8RU chassis, and a variety of blades providing up to 288 configurable ports per chassis, APCON is dedicated to helping today's enterprise maximize network visibility and minimize network monitoring costs.
The 8 MLE Vision Octane's video processing is fully self-contained in a single 8RU chassis and features 35 full-screen HD animation stores, 24 channels of 3D DVE with WARP capability, 96 inputs, 48 outputs, 32 full keyers, 12 AuxKey mixer/keyers on the aux bus outputs and 12 DVE key combiners, adding to an unprecedented total of 56 keyers in the system.
Write to her at: Diane Lloyd-Hughes, Welsh Mirror, Regus House, Malthouse Avenue, Cardiff Gate Business Park, Cardiff CF 23 8RU.
Juniper's SRX5600 consumes 8RU to deliver 60 Gbps firewall throughput, while Cisco's 5580-20 consumes 4RU to deliver 10 Gbps firewall throughput - thus requiring six Cisco firewalls to get 60 Gbps, or 24RU.
The Edinburgh Biuilding, Shaftesbury Road, Cambridge, CB2 8RU