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He was also named the Welsh Champion in the 440 yards in 1920, the 220 yards and the 440 yards in 1921 - a record which was held until 1953 - and the 880 yards in 1927.
Breeders flocked to Spectre, who won the 880 yards TV Trophy before running-up for the Derby, and reaped rich rewards from his services, but that was 40 years ago, and a different attitude prevails today.
He lifted the old Northumberland and Durham mile title the same year before lining up over 880 yards against Peter Snell at the first-ever international meeting at Gateshead Stadium.
This continued after he obtained a scholarship to Liverpool University, where he won the 100, 220, 440 and 880 yards as well as the long jump and high jump in his first term.
Terry Thompson came into the national meet as the Pac-8 champion at 880 yards, and he still ranks fourth on the all-time OSU list in the 800 with his personal best of 1:47.
For example, if the distance of the swim part of the triathlon is a half-mile, they will swim enough laps to equal 880 yards, swimming steadily yet encumbered with all of their technique flaws.
Alford became the first athlete in a Welsh vest to win a track gold medal at the Empire Games when he won the 880 yards in Sydney in 1938.
1919: Swimmer Gertrude Ederle became the youngest world record holder in any sport at the age of 12 years and 298 days when she won in the 880 yards freestyle in Indianapolis.
She ran in an 880 yards handicap off scratch, giving the front marker 83 yards.
Races of 880 yards will be held for ages 12 years and older; racers under 12 years old will cover 440 yards.
If no objections had been received, the rates would have changed two weeks ago to make the fare for the first 880 yards of a journey rise by 25p to PS3.
Norman ran for Wales at the 1958 Empire and Commonwealth Games in Cardiff and finished third in his heat of the 880 yards won by the legendary Australian athlete Herb Elliott.
They were not, however, allowed to run mile races because at that time anything over 880 yards (half a mile) was considered too gruelling for their delicate constitutions.
Hampson, British 880 yards Champion 1930, 1931, 1932; British Empire 880 yards champion 1930; Olympic Victor and record holder, 800 metres, 1932.
00 for the 880 yards, which he set in finishing second in the Welsh championships in 1961.