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double star 15.7 light years from Earth

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The RTC 8080 Series II sits in the middle of Link-Belt's rough terrain model range, and features a full power, four section, 38.
The Axon 8080 sounds like the name of a vacuum cleaner, but still.
The DOXport 8080 is an optimal way for residents of high-density areas to receive high speed Internet access," says Craig Soderquist, president of Com21.
Core to the DocuColor 8080 are three features that offer printers a competitive edge: productivity apps, low gloss dry ink and the Automated Color Quality Suite (ACQS).
This will avoid their travel time and second to upgrade our printing technology from Xerox 8080 to iGen4.
115 on TCP port 8080 to listen for update instructions, adds itself to the run in the registry.
As Zilog CEO from 1974-1980, Faggin conceived the well-known Z80, a rival to Intel's 8080 and one of the best selling microprocessors in industry history.
As ZiLOG CEO from 1974 - 1980, Faggin conceived the well-known Z80, a rival to Intel's 8080 and one of the best-selling microprocessors in industry history.
The industry reached this notable milestone in April 2002, roughly 25 years after the debut of the first commercially successful and widely available personal computer, the 1974 Altair powered by the Intel(R) 8080 chip.