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one who determines authenticity (as of works of art) or who guarantees validity

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Innovative Asian-based companies, like Gartner Systems, that value solid partnering relationships and best-of-breed solutions, are showing a high level of interest in Meetinghouse and its 802.
For these reasons, UKERNA is extremely keen to participate in the development of an open source 802.
The Alice Systems platform is capable of integrating myriad technologies, and the security components of Funk Software's 802.
AEGIS Authenticator Toolkit - Utilized by hardware OEMs, this authentication software development toolkit provides the industry's premier implementation of the 802.
SAN FRANCISCO -- Nevis Networks, a market leader in a new class of comprehensive enterprise LAN security solutions, today announced it will demonstrate how its persistent LAN security technology uniquely supports all three elements of Microsoft Network Access Protection (NAP) security framework, which includes the 802.
AdmitOne VPN Client for Pocket PC expands Funk Software's portfolio of access control and 802.
0, Juniper Networks has delivered the industry's first vendor-agnostic, standards-based network access control solution that features integrated support for both 802.
Designed to meet the rigorous requirements of Wireless Internet Service Providers (WISPs) and municipal agencies for Municipal Wi-Fi installations, the new adapter is one of the first Wi-Fi adapters to support standard PoE for flexible deployment and the 802.
A recent Gartner report(a), states "To protect their networks, many network managers are implementing network access control (NAC), based on technologies such as 802.
The SMC8024L2 TigerSwitch 10/100/1000 Standalone Managed Switch has management features to enable secure edge systems, including 802.
Formerly known as SAFE Registration Framework, SAFE DHCP Quarantine Framework is an alternative to IEEE 802.
Meetinghouse's goal in supporting the TNC architecture is to enable enterprise customers to leverage their existing network infrastructure investments as they deploy an 802.