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a radioactive element of the actinide series

an electric current that reverses direction sinusoidally

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Many of the regions saw healthy growth in the first quarter as 802.
Meru Networks (Nasdaq:MERU), a provider of intelligent Wi-Fi networking, announced on Thursday that the Great Torrington School in Devon, UK, has deployed an 802.
11n equipment carries 6 bits of information per constellation point and the 256-QAM scheme utilized by 802.
Offering users the potential to double their current wireless speeds, the new 802.
11n Wi-Fi clients will get a boost, operating 40 percent faster on 802.
The RT-AC68U is the fastest wireless router in the world, with simultaneous dual-band bandwidths of 1300Mbit/s for 802.
Enabling client devices to always connect to the most available, highest-performing AP helps ensure that enterprises can benefit from the enhanced throughput and capacity that 802.
But because it can transmit and receive data faster and can get off the network when it's finished, 802.
a global networking company that delivers innovative products to consumers, businesses and service providers, has announced a new line of products that provide access to next-generation high-speed 802.
Hsinchu, Taiwan, a leading fabless semiconductor company for wireless communications and digital multimedia solutions, has announced availability of its MT7650, the world's first and only 802.
WiGig will use high frequencies in the 60GHz band, while 802.
LAS VEGAS -- Celeno Communications, a leading provider of high-performance Wi-Fi chips and software for HD multimedia and data home networking applications, and Edimax, a leading manufacturer of networking solutions, today unveiled the first 802.
The OptiView XG Network Analysis Tablet and OneTouch AT G2 Network Assistant with new 802.
The Houston Airport System (HAS) has deployed Aruba's 802.
has achieved significant traction in the adoption of its Qualcomm VIVE solutions with Qualcomm MU | EFX its multi-user multi-input/multi-output (MU-MIMO) Wi-Fi technology, which enables up to three times faster 802.