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Synonyms for network

Synonyms for network

an open fabric woven of strands that are interlaced and knotted at usually regular intervals

an interwoven or interrelated number of things


Synonyms for network

an interconnected system of things or people

(broadcasting) a communication system consisting of a group of broadcasting stations that all transmit the same programs

a system of intersecting lines or channels

(electronics) a system of interconnected electronic components or circuits

communicate with and within a group

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PacketGenie(TM) along with the accompanying software stack provides a flexible multi-protocol MAC and baseband implementation, which can be configured to work with all planned variants of the 802.
The new, enhanced dual-port Lantronix WiBox provides 802.
Quatech exhibits the AirborneDirect Heavy-Duty Bridges and the Airborne[TM] embedded 802.
The new CWNE exam objectives take the CWAP material up to date, and up to the expert level by including advanced implementation, optimization, troubleshooting, and the latest WLAN 802.
As a leading supplier in machine-to-machine connectivity, Quatech is pleased our 802.
Wireless ePULSE solutions have been reporting data over Michigan roadways for the past year and have helped validate Michigan Department of Transportation 802.
OTCBB: DPAC) and a leader in high performance device networking solutions, announced the launch of the next generation of its entire family of Airborne(TM) 802.