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a card on which data can be recorded in the form of punched holes

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Tenders are invited for computer paper 80 column ii part and description see as per clause no.
Tenders invited for Blank 80 column plain computer paper of 70 gsm
Tenders are invited for Limited Tender for printing & supply of Two colour Pre-printed telephone bill receipts to be used on 80 column printers for Kolhapur SSA.
Tenders are invited for 12 X10x3 Part White 80 Column 70Gsm Computer Stationery 1000 Sheets A Bundle Serially Numbered On Each Set.
28 max image area Other Features: 12 row 80 column Hollerith punching, 60 or 80 position printing for indexing.
Tenders are invited for Dot Matrix Printer - 18 Pin, 80 Column, Cps At 10 Cpi - 476, Ribbon Life -12 Million Characters, Print Head Life - 200 Million Strokes/Wire, Input Data Buffer - 128 Kb, Interface - Parallel And Usb, Software/Driver - Microsoft Windows 7/8/8.
Tenders are invited for Supply Of 9 Pin 80 Column Dot Matrix Printers To Post Offices In Southern Region Of Kerala Postal Circle
Tenders are invited for Carbon less (1+2) 80 Column Computer printer continuous sheet of Size: 10" x 6", 60 GSM 75,000 No s (1 No consist of Carbonless 1+2 Sheets).
Tenders are invited for Supply Of 650 Numbers Of 9 Pin 80 Column Dotmatrix Printers For Post Offices And Rms Offices In Sk Region.