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the four-dimensional analogue of a cube

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Development rate was carried out by assessing the time required for certain cell stage (2-cell, 4-cell, 8-cell, 16-cell, morulla and blastula stage) to be accomplished (Figure1).
Moreover the rates of embryo development to the 8-cell stage in cumulus cells free oocytes were significantly higher than those of cumulus-intact oocytes.
With the introduction of blastocyst culture and transfer of blastocysts, this parameter is included in the definition of RIF and requires the transfer of [greater than or equal to]8, 8-cell embryos or [greater than or equal to]5 blastocysts without pregnancy (7).
The weapon package includes one Oto Melara 76/62 mm Super Rapido main gun, two DCNS Sylver A43 8-cell VLS for 16 MBDA Aster 15s and in the near future two Sylver A70 VLS for 16 MdCN, two MU-90 torpedo launchers and eight MBDA Exocet Block 3 anti-ship missiles (ASM), plus two Nexter Narwhal 20mm remotely operated turrets, though the latter will be introduced with the second of class.
Eggs were put into 8-cell plastic trays (C-D International, Pitman, New Jersey) for hatching with a moistened cotton ball inside each cell.
Model Lenovo IdeaCentre Horizon 27 Display 27-inch full HD LED display with 10 multi-point sensors OS Windows 8 Processor Third generation Intel core-i7 processor GPU Nvidia G2Force GT 620M with options 1GB or 2GB RAM 8GB DDR3 RAM Storage capacity 1TB HDD Camera Integrated 720p HD webcam with dual mic array Battery 8-cell Lithium-Polymer battery Add-ons Stereo speakers with Dolby Home Theater v4.
In these species, mesoderm and endoderm are formed from descendants of the four vegetal blastomeres at the 8-cell stage, with the ectoderm/endoderm boundary below the third cleavage plane at the equator of the embryo (Fig.
Vitrification of human embryos based on the assessment of suitable conditions for 8-cell mouse embryos.
Numerical chromosome abnormalities in 8-cell embryos generated from gamma-irradiated male mice in the absence and presence of Vitamine E.
Accurate temperature control needed for some enzyme kinetic measurements in food such as citric acid, glucose and saccharose in foods can be achieved using a peltier temperature controlled 8-cell changer.
A standard 8-cell battery allows consumers to use it for up to 10.
They argued that embryo death is the loss of capacity of a 4- to 8-cell human embryo for ongoing and integrated cellular division, growth and differentiation.
Based on the study's findings, the researchers have now claimed that many of those insertions occur in the early embryo, perhaps in the 4- or 8-cell stage.
3lb; standard FastAccess Facial Recognition Software; up to 500GB HDD capacity; six-cell battery standard, optional slim design 8-cell battery for up to 6:46 hours of battery life with WLED display option; standard Wi-Fi and optional Bluetooth; and eSATA connectivity for high speed data transfer rate (up to 6X USB 2.
It comes with an 8-cell Lithium Ion battery and has a Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) of $799.