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a representation of a facial expression (as a smile or frown) created by typing a sequence of characters in sending email

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This Character Means :-) or :>) happy :-( or :<) sad or angry :-D shocked, surprised :-> sarcastic smile :-| indifferent :-/ perplexed :-e disappointed ;-) wink ;-} leer :-@ scream :-O yell 8-) wears eyeglasses :-Q smoker :-* drinker
smile :-D big smile 8-) smile from glasses wearer ;-) wink >:-) my hair is standing on end :-J tongue in cheek {} hug :-& tongue tied |-O yawn :-( frown :-P raspberry @:-) just went to the hairdresser 0:-) angel }:-> devil :-x kiss -/--@ flower BTW by the way CUL8R see you later F2F face-to-face GMTA great minds think alike IMO in my opinion TTFN ta ta for now * Learn e-mail vocabulary: - Flame -- to send an insulting e-mail message - Spam -- to send e-mails to a huge number of people - Shout -- to write in capital letters - Bounce -- what e-mail does when its returned to sender because of an unknown address Personal vs.