8 May 1945

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the date of Allied victory in Europe, World War II


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All those who served for at least one day north of the Arctic Circle (latitude 66[degrees] 32' N) and west of the Urals between 3 September 1939 and 8 May 1945, in the Armed Forces or the Merchant Navy, will qualify for the Emblem.
The denazification process had been far from evenhanded, and lawlessness had inevitably been so widespread in the chaotic period after 8 May 1945 that it was often difficult to distinguish what constituted criminal behavior.
In 1995, 8 May 1945 was commemorated in a way that combined the East German tradition of viewing it as a day of liberation with the West German tradition of remembering a day of pain and loss.
He held this position until after the unconditional surrender of Nazi Germany at Rheims, France, 8 May 1945. As AOC, Black Mike's credo was leadership by example, albeit in his case illegal, when he flew on operations as a second pilot usually dressed in the uniform of a sergeant.
VE Day came six weeks later, on 8 May 1945, and eight days after that Dawley sent his diatribe against Hemingway up to Lee.
This in no way detracts from the effect of Le poete comme un boxeur, for Kateb - who for many years was considered elusive about such things as the influence Faulkner may have had on his work - is candid and eloquent on everything from his personal history (e.g., his early days in prison after the Setif uprisings of 8 May 1945 or the circumstances of the publication of his first collection of poems, Soliloques) to his somewhat aleatory method in arriving at the final composition of Nedjma, a topic about which several treatises have been written.
It says "VE DAY 8 May 1945" and shows pictures of the Union Jack, the King and Winston Churchill.
He was promoted to Lt Col in 1918 on his final retirement from the army and died on VE Day, 8 May 1945 at the age of 91.