December 8

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Roman Catholic holy day first celebrated in 1854

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(3.) Air Force Doctrine Document (AFDD) 2-1.2, Strategic Attack, 30 September 2003, 5, Doctrine_Docs/afdd2-1-2.pdf (accessed 8 December 2006).
The New Cosmic Onion is scheduled for release on 8 December 2006.
The goal is to raise NOK1.2bn by 8 December 2006. Aker BioMarine has determined that the value of the company's equity prior to the share placement amounts to between NOK3.8-4.8bn.
Deadline for tokens to be received is Friday 8 December 2006 at the very latest.
Submitted 8 December 2006. Accepted 10 December 2007.
Croatian diplomatic sources say that, before 8 December 2006, when Brussels decided to partially suspend talks with Ankara, negotiations were blocked due to the EU-Turkey dispute over Cyprus.
University of Texas-Tyler (Psi Alpha) 8 December 2006: Ashley Dean Baley, Ryan Bender, Daniel P.
On 8 December 2006 the eighth annual worldwide read-a-thon for children, 'Read For 2007: Read For Life', created by Scholastic, is to be held in partnership with Reading Is Fundamental (RIF), a children's literacy organisation.