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a triad with a seventh added

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7th chord aria y D3 melodic line, A [flats] to F[sharp] aria y chromatic descent aria n A4 aria n A4 aria n D3/ disjunct chromatic line D5 aria y A2 aria y D5 aria y D3/ descending chromatic D7 line 3 duet y[+ks] D5 [+ ks = sharp(s) also in key signature] duet y[+ks] D5/ D7 duet y[+ks] A4 D5 outlines dim.
Suddenly the ensemble plays a glorious G major chord, only to have the Hubunculus theme reappear in half tempo, sliding the G major chord into a g minor-major 7th chord. The movement ends with a long decrescendo to pianissimo on this chord, preventing the listener from a sense of closure--Hubunculus has the last word--we can't hide from anxiety even in our happiest moments.
Specific set classes1 serve different functions: [0369], the set-class of the diminished 7th chord works as a signature harmony or signpost; [0134] is the collection of the piece's head motif; and chromatic clusters appear throughout.
The left hand should play the root of the chord (possibly in octaves for emphasis) and the root and the 7th of the chord (when there is a 7th chord).
Once they have learned the four triad sets and their inversions, they can start learning 6th and 7th chords in the context of playing all 12 major scales.