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a triad with a seventh added

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7th chord aria y D3 melodic line, A [flats] to F[sharp] aria y chromatic descent aria n A4 aria n A4 aria n D3/ disjunct chromatic line D5 aria y A2 aria y D5 aria y D3/ descending chromatic D7 line 3 duet y[+ks] D5 [+ ks = sharp(s) also in key signature] duet y[+ks] D5/ D7 duet y[+ks] A4 D5 outlines dim.
Suddenly the ensemble plays a glorious G major chord, only to have the Hubunculus theme reappear in half tempo, sliding the G major chord into a g minor-major 7th chord.
I began writing out horn lines that sounded good and might work over the dominant 7th chord solo in Mambo Inn with an altered harmony here and there.
Specific set classes1 serve different functions: [0369], the set-class of the diminished 7th chord works as a signature harmony or signpost; [0134] is the collection of the piece's head motif; and chromatic clusters appear throughout.
The sets includes six different categories with the symbols on one side and the written theory answer on the backside including: Symbols & Signs, Note Identification, Key Signatures, Intervals, Scale Degrees, Triad and 7th Chords.