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Later on 77 Sunset Strip became the Starlight Club and many musicians, some of them becoming famous, banged the boards on the miniscule club floor.
Yet precisely as urban decay was taking a huge bite out of its golden mile, the popular television show 77 Sunset Strip was generating a new mythology.
A The private eye series, which ran from 1960-3, was out of the same Warner Brothers production stable as 77 Sunset Strip.
Shelley Winters, the swimming champion from the Poseidon Adventure is 84, the 77 Sunset Strip star, Efram Zimbalist Jnr is a robust 86.
The writer and producer, who also created 77 Sunset Strip, died of natural causes in Santa Monica, California.
The museum, in Riversley Park, plays host to 77 Sunset Strip in the White Gallery tonight at 7pm.
The WB Network brought back a new version of 77 Sunset Strip, and will air Worldvision's Savannah as a back-up.
As youngsters we sat and watched 77 Sunset Strip, Dragnet, The Saint, Danger Man and Sunday Night at the London Palladium.