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being three more than seventy

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FEAST DAY ST DROGO 73 AD A Jewish revolt against Roman rule is ended when Roman forces enter the fortress of Masada after a long siege - to discover every single defender had just died, apparently having killed each other after drawing of lots with the last man committing suicide.
The reliability measurement for the four judges together was 49 percent (36 agreements Out of the 73 ad designs).
Just under half the 151 published advertisements (73 ads) mentioned product life cycle, and about a third (56 ads) referred to a driving force; in general, the ads that mentioned a driving force also referred to a leverage point (54 ads).
In 73 AD, when the cement had barely dried, the Romans violently suppressed a Jewish uprising.
Further south is Masada where a group of about 1,000 Jewish Zealots committed mass suicide in 73 AD after they realised that the Romans were about to capture their hilltop fortress.
With 801 ads in more than 100 newspapers and fliers during the month, the brand dwarfed the second-most frequently advertised brand, Presto, which ran 73 ads. Presto moved up from third place in June.