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300 to 3000 megahertz

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In New Zealand's review, the demand for mobile broadband services is generally mentioned in conjunction with the (then upcoming) October 2013 700 MHz spectrum auction of space previously allocated to recently terminated analogue television transmission.
Last June Brazil auctioned rights to 4G operations in the 2.5 GHz spectrum, which requires more antennas for the same coverage compared with the 700 MHz spectrum. Regulators are working to transition digital television broadcasts out of the 700 MHz band.
This agreement does not include Cox's 700 MHz spectrum licenses, the company's Cox Wireless customer accounts or any other assets.
"We are in serious discussions for migration to 700 MHz spectrum in 2012, and moving to digital TV," he added.
By leveraging its 700 MHz spectrum for LTE deployment in the U.S., Verizon Wireless is capable of quickly deploying a high-quality wireless broadband network with excellent coverage and in-building penetration.
The characteristics of the 700 MHz spectrum allow wireless signals to be transmitted longer distances and to penetrate buildings more easily, thus reducing costs and improving the quality of the wireless data experience.
The Federal Communications Commission has slashed the price for the D-block, a piece of 700 MHz spectrum set aside for emergency responders.
Right on the heels of the symposium, the FCC on January 24 began auctioning 700 MHz spectrum. With its excellent propagation characteristics, the spectrum is considered by some "beachfront property."
That is the deadline to apply to participate in the government's 700 Mhz spectrum auction.
The spectrum licences acquired are comprised of the 10 MHz licences of 700 MHz spectrum in each of British Columbia, Alberta, and Southern Ontario, as well as the 20 MHz licences of 2500 MHz spectrum in each of Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, and Toronto.
(VTI) shares is considered 'deemed approved' and they can immediately utilize the 700 MHz spectrum to improve mobile internet speeds.
Reliance Jio, as per the information, is only company which has the potential to buy spectrum in premium 700 Mhz at floor price in most of the circles as a pan- India bidder for 700 Mhz spectrum needs to have EMD of ` 5,610 crore.
Deployment of the new 700 MHz spectrum can begin once the deal has closed.
Utilizing its recently acquired 700 MHz spectrum, Verizon Wireless will expand trials this summer, and Lynch said the company will commercially launch its LTE network in 2010.