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NOTE TO EDITORS: Cyrix is a registered trademark and 6x86MX, MediaGX and 6x86 are trademarks of Cyrix Corporation.
Note to Editors: Cyrix is a registered trademark and MediaGX, 6x86 and 6x86MX are trademarks of Cyrix Corporation.
The 6x86MX processor enables PC manufacturers to deliver the performance and features of expensive Pentium II systems for under $2,000.
The 6x86MX processor now enables our customers to deliver high-performance, MMX-enabled entertainment PCs in the rapidly growing sub-$1,500 category.
According to Steve Tobak, vice president of corporate and channel marketing at Cyrix, the company has initiated an aggressive promotional campaign for the 6x86MX processor with advertising, market development and point-of-sale promotions for the retail and VAR channels.
The Pentium-compatible 6x86MX processor is designed and built by Cyrix and licensed for additional production to IBM.
The new Cyrix 6x86MX processor is an enhanced superscaler CPU designed to work in existing Socket 7 desktop motherboard designs.
The 6x86MX allows manufacturers to upgrade existing designs easily with improved features such as extended multimedia instructions, a large 64Kbyte cache and the ability to cache SMI (System Management Interrupt) code and data.
The IBM 6x86MX is fully compatible with the newest series of Pentium chips and comes in three versions: the PR166, PR200 and PR233.
The "PR" stands for Performance Rating - an industry measurement that shows the IBM 6x86MX outperforms Intel's Pentium II and Pentium/MMX processors.