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Si el procesador es Pentium, Pentium MMX, K5, K6, 6x86 o 6x86MX, lo mas probable es que tendra que cambiar no solo el procesador, sino practicamente todo lo que hay en el gabinete, incluido este.
Quien en realidad se estaba comiendo al mercado de los equipos de bajo costo era Cyrix, con sus modelos 6x86, 6x86MX y Mil.
NetCensus Collectors now recognize the following CPUs: Intel Pentium II Xeon, Intel Pentium III, Intel Pentium III Xeon, Intel Celeron, AMD Am486, AMD Am5x86, AMD K5, AMD K6, AMD K6-2, AMD K6-III, AMD K7, Cyrix 6x86, Cyrix 6x86MX, WinChip C6, WinChip 2, NexGen Nx586, and NexGen Nx686.
The first completely new architecture from Cyrix since the original 6x86 processor, Jalapeno will run at 600+ MHz clock speeds, overcome memory bottlenecks and deliver industry-leading 3D graphics capabilities.
The notebook is available in a variety of configurations - 8MB to 128MB of RAM, Intel's 166MHz to IBM's 6x86 PR233 processors, and 2GB to 6GB removable Toshiba hard drives.