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This high performance system includes the IBM 6x86 PR200+ CPU which is rated faster than the Intel Pentium 200Mhz.
In addition to available custom configurations which include all 6x86 and Pentium or Pentium with MMX (to 200Mhz) processors, there are 3 stock models now available.
In addition, the Company introduced two PC-compatible computers -- the Power Macintosh 7300/180, which includes a 166 MHz Intel Pentium processor; and the Power Macintosh 4400/200, which includes a 133 MHz Cyrix PR166 6x86 processor.
The first completely new architecture from Cyrix since the original 6x86 processor, Jalapeno will run at 600+ MHz clock speeds, overcome memory bottlenecks and deliver industry-leading 3D graphics capabilities.
The feature lists, in easy-to-reference table format, the price and basic product specifications for the most popular Pentium, Cyris 6x86 and Pentium Pro system configurations from today's top system makers.
including the Cyrix 6x86 processor, which has been honored for its
The notebook is available in a variety of configurations - 8MB to 128MB of RAM, Intel's 166MHz to IBM's 6x86 PR233 processors, and 2GB to 6GB removable Toshiba hard drives.