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Shanghai on 6th January, with the tanker then drifting south-east
So-called rulers, their police and agencies that are hell bent upon tarnishing and terrorizing the lives of thousands of young and old Kashmiris especially political activists under the garb of so-called investigations should spare some time to panelise those also who killed and charred more than 60 humans at Sopore on 6th January 1993,' Yasin Malik said.
7 -- Following intelligent information received, Naval personnel attached to Northern Naval Command, recovered 90 Kgs of Cannabis (KG), 4 Kgs of Opium and 4 Kgs of Hashish which were hidden in Velvetithurai coastal line, during a raid carried out on the morning of 6th January.
ANOTHER indication of the doom and gloom surrounding St James' Park, and the once famous Newcastle United Football Club, will be if current manager Rafa Benitez feels forced to field a 'reserve team' for the third round of the FA Cup against lowly Luton Town on Saturday 6th January.
Raja Aamir Kyani was confident that in the prevailing situation Raja Tariq Afzal of PTI would win the election and the public meeting of Imran Khan on 6th January at Chakwal would change the whole scenario of the political situation.
Qatar internationals Saad Al Dossari, Hassan al-Haydous, Musaab Khaderand Pedro Miguel, who represented Qatar at the Gulf Cup in Kuwait, arelikely to join the squad on 6th January. Also, Qatar Olympic teammembers, such as Meshal Barshim, Meshal al-Shammari, Hashimal-Abdullatif, Ahmed Sohail and Salem al-Hajri, who are gearing up forin the AFC Under-23 Championship in China, could not make it totraining.
Names now being taken for the coaches to Livingston for the Championship game on Saturday, 6th January, 2018, departing 10.30 am.
Book your tickets for Saturday 6th January at 7:00pm at: rohmuscat.org.om
All being well he'll go next in the PS100k @32Red Veterans' Final @Sandownpark on 6th January.
According to SRO 44 (1)/2017 issued on Friday, pursuant to the approval of the Economic Co-ordination Committee of the Cabinet vide case No ECC-2/1/2017, dated the 6th January, 2017, the federal government has amended Second Schedule of the Income Tax Ordinance.
It was escorted with the caption, '6th January 5 am GMT/ Midnight ET' (1 pm PST).
(Accessed on 6th January, 2016) Available from URL: https: //cdn2.sph.harvard.edu/wp-content/uploads/sites/17/2014/08/HSPH-Pakistan5.pdf
ISLAMABAD: The meeting of Senate functional committee on human rights will be held on 6th January.
Funeral service to take place on Wednesday 6th January at Christ Church Port Sunlight at 1:30pm followed by cremation at Landican Crematorium (South Chapel) at 2:30pm.