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a hypothetical three-dimensional visual world created by a computer

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Gracias al acercamiento del modelo fisico de la interfaz Haptic 6DOF obtenido por medio del software SolidEdge[R] se determino que los materiales adecuados para la construccion de la interfaz son el polipropileno (acrilico) y el aluminio para la construccion de las articulaciones, y el Mdf para la base de la interfaz.
However, it is increasingly common for researchers to use angular rate sensors to capture 6DOF kinematics at reduced cost or with reduced channel counts.
The datasheet explains an interesting aspect of such a high-bandwidth 6DOF machine: "The unique arrangement of shakers around and under the moving table facilitates dynamic control of mode shapes resulting in better control.
blob center of mass Reference Descriptor size 6DOF and Key points selection using uniform sampling of rot.
where [delta]R is a 3x3 matrix related to the rotational part of 6DOF data, [delta]v is a vector related to the positional part of data, tr() is a trace of a matrix and [H.
Coupled Analysis of Unsteady Aerodynamics and 6DOF Motion of a Heavy Duty Truck in Strong Wind Gusts," presented at 29th AIAA Applied Aerodynamics Conference, Honolulu, Hawaii, 2011.
After meshing in different faces, 6DOF model is utilized to obtain dynamic characteristics of plunger without designation of motion law of plunger.
Thus, to control it in 6DOF, a dynamic inversion technique to split the system into two sub systems is been done.
Slycke, "Xsens MVN: Full 6DOF Human Motion Tracking Using Miniature Inertial Sensors".
The core of the system is based on 6DOF hydraulic parallel kinematic structure (hexapod) which applies forces to the active bending tool.
Investigation of feel for 6DOF inputs: Isometric and elastic rate control for manipulation in 3D environments.
This Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM) based inside-out 6DOF positional tracking solution is designed from the ground up for mobile devices through advanced machine learning and computer vision techniques to achieve high stability.