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a hypothetical three-dimensional visual world created by a computer

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Since it is difficult to get 6DoF ground-truth data in large indoor environments, we choose a 30 mx20 m rectangular hallway which contains a closed loop.
Knowledge of the object's attitude and 6DoF propagation or a forecasting model for the BC could significantly reduce the reentry prediction error.
Our work aims to advance 6DOF motion sensing by two-stage multisensor (MARG and vision) fusion to make use of their complementary properties, which was inspired by multisensor navigation systems.
Due to noise present in acquired 6DOF data (both in their positional and rotational parts) the alignment of two datasets is not perfect.
In this paper, to facilitate the modeling and analysis of kinematics in Cartesian space, a simplified model is established based on the 3D model of 6DOF planar manipulator as shown in Figure 1(b).
Another approach which is based on a 3D point dataset to localize mobile user's 6DOF pose is introduced in [15].
MA2000 is 6DOF articulated type robotic manipulator has six revolute joints; these are base, shoulder, elbow, pitch, yaw, and roll.
The core of the system is based on 6DOF hydraulic parallel kinematic structure (hexapod) which applies forces to the active bending tool.
The ProCAT may be used with any type product, fixture, or shaker and for HALT/HASS with 6DoF systems.
The Merge 6DOF Blaster Gun is a two-handed gadget with triggers for both hands.
Zhang and Sawchuck [20] acquired data using a 6DOF inertial measurement unit (IMU), which integrated a triaxial accelerometer, gyroscope, and magnetometer.
Wang, "Precision synthesis on novel 6DOF parallel robot based on fuzzy genetic algorithm," Journal of Machine Design, vol.
Wang, "Observer-based cascade control of a 6DOF parallel hydraulic manipulator in joint space coordinate," Mechatronics, vol.
It is also the first to offer six-degrees-of-freedom (6DOF)tracking.
In the system prediction model presented above, note that a typical differential drive kinematics model, (13), which is defined for flat surfaces, has been coupled with a more general 6DOF kinematic model defined in (12).