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being five more than sixty

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Among the excerpts are the Journey of Wenamon to Phoenicia about 1100 BC, Josephus: Antiquities of the Jews about 65 AD, Ibn al-Qalanisi: The Damascus Chronicle of the Crusades about 1150 AD, Ibn Battuta: Travels about 1235, Sir Jon Mandeville: Voyage about 1360, Mark Twain: Innocents Abroad 1869, and James Frazer: The Golden Bought 1909.
Robin Linklater's semi-circular unit set, with balcony and colonnades, and his colorful costumes approximated a 65 AD Roman courtyard and the garb of its inhabitants serviceably enough.
But 22-year-old Melissa Edgar did uncover a Nero's head coin dating to 65 AD - one of only four discovered in the past 12 years.
The Qumran scrolls date from approximately 250 BC to about 65 AD, and at some other locations to about 135 AD.
Every year nearly 65 ads go off the air on the basis of the complaints received