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The PG-FlexPlus Edge IAD delivers telco-grade lifeline POTS using full PCM over 64kbps of dedicated bandwidth for each POTS line.
6kbps, 64kbps, and CDMA2000 1X that is capable of reaching a data transfer rate of up to 144kbps.
The Xiad2000 is a next generation spitterless VoDSL residential/SOHO gateway providing "full rate" ADSL high-speed data transport along with four 64kbps "derived" voice channels over a single copper pair linking branch offices, home offices and individual subscribers to their Network Service Providers, including Internet Service Providers.
The device supplies Ethernet connectivity up to 48 users or homes, and each stream can be bandwidth-limited in 64kbps increments.
703 E1 Interface With Data Rate 64Kbps To 2304 Kbps Using G.
Data transfer is up to 64Kbps, which takes advantage of an MSM 3000 chip.
Throughput during the introductory period will be limited to a maximum 64Kbps per second, a far cry from the expected 128Kbps of 3G wireless.
Microsoft and DoCoMo will form a joint 50-50 venture Mobilmagic Company Ltd which will build a data center offering business customers mobile access to email, scheduling and other intranet-based applications over DoCoMo's 64Kbps wireless network.
Option 2 will furnish ships at sea with three VoIP telephone lines along with a two-way guaranteed data rate at 64kbps and featuring a maximum bandwidth rate of 256kbps ship-to-shore and 512kbps return speed.
Former state-owned monopoly Telstra will offer the service to customers in areas without 64kbps ISDN service at a discount of 50% (saving up to a maximum of $474) on required hardware and installation costs.
During Strong Angel III, my partner and I were provided the opportunity to mobilize a TANDBERG Centric 150 MXP unit which performed beautifully over a mobile EVDO connection at 64kbps," said Michael Hennig, San Diego State University Visualization Lab.
Demon said this would mean providing 1Mbps data streams to law enforcement agencies, and points out that the equivalent law in the Netherlands only requires one tap per 10,000 lines, equivalent to less than a single 64Kbps line.
Rate Limiting: Rate limiting on the subscriber ports allows for service in increments of 64Kbps, allowing service providers to offer tiered services.
Tenders are invited for Cygnus 850 64Kbps G Hdsl Modular Modems Pair Consisting Of One Unit With V 35 Interfacer And One Unit With Cod Interface With Dual Power Supply And Supply With Necessory Cables Etc As Per Annexure A
The basic service is a 64kbps always-on connection for 6,000 pounds ($9725) per annum, but there are at least two customers with 34Mbps connections.