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large feline of upland central Asia having long thick whitish fur

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We've heard the demand for 64-bit MATLAB from our customers and believe that the availability will accelerate the transition from 32- to 64-bit computing.
With Appro's 1U-1142H 4-way processing server and the AMD Opteron processor delivering 32-bit and 64-bit computing, Appro will deliver the best solution for HPC customers' business needs.
The transition to 64-bit computing means that SolidWorks customers can continue to push the level of sophistication of their designs to a higher level than the application could support with 32-bit OS computing.
Solutions such as SWsoft's Virtuozzo server virtualization software offer 64-bit computing power for virtual scenarios that could help facilitate even faster adoption and transitions to next generation platforms.
With AMD Opteron technology, developers are optimizing Apache software that will support both 32- and 64-bit computing.
Tomorrow's systems based on AMD Opteron processors will allow customers to migrate to 64-bit computing while maintaining 32-bit compatibility, protecting our customers' technology investment.
AMD (NYSE:AMD) today announced the AMD64 platform, the gold standard for 64-bit computing, has earned more than 120 industry awards globally since the launch of the AMD Opteron(TM) and AMD Athlon(TM) 64 processors in 2003.
We believe that 64-bit computing will thrive on x86-64 technology-based platforms.
AMD is helping our customers take full advantage of 64-bit computing, and Winternals tools are yet another example of the growing 64-bit software ecosystem for AMD64 technology, the gold standard for 64-bit computing," said Pat Patla, director, server/workstation marketing, Microprocessor Solutions Sector, AMD (NYSE:AMD).
2 provides the necessary operating system support for 64-bit computing.
By providing leading-edge tools and features to the ISV community, and enabling access to next-generation technologies such as 'Pacifica' ahead of the commercial availability of next-generation processors, we expect SimNow to enable a richer commercial and embedded software ecosystem for AMD64 technology, the gold standard for 64-bit computing.
AMD's straightforward approach to 64-bit computing builds upon the x86 instruction set, one of the industry's most proven and widely supported technologies.
1 release, we are able to transition to 64-bit computing with the confidence that these Linux workloads will meet the mission-critical standards of our datacenter.
Based on our experience, MigraTEC 's product provides the potential for IBM customers to employ the power of 64-bit computing on AIX with less porting effort and greater productivity than conventional techniques like lint, grep or a compiler.
With AMD, Intel and Microsoft driving heavily to move the market away from 32-bit to 64-bit computing the move is upon us whether we like it or not," said Rob Enderle, principal analyst for the Enderle Group.