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Seeking to significantly increase data processing speed, Circle K Sunkus selected a Fujitsu system comprising PRIMEQUEST, which operates in a 64-bit Linux environment and is ideal for database server, and the Fujitsu BSC Oh-Pa 1/3 on-memory database, which reduces the time required for data search, analysis, and batch processing through an extremely fast on-memory data processing engine.
IDL 6.2 includes support for the increasingly popular 64-bit Linux platform, as well as an update for Mac OSX Tiger (10.4), to provide the maximum IDL programming power afforded by these new hardware platforms.
"The upcoming release of MicroStrategy 8 on 64-bit Linux is yet another indicator of MicroStrategy's commitment to providing our customers with the versatility they require to implement performance enhancing business intelligence applications," said MicroStrategy COO Sanju Bansal.
By integrating industry standards-based, 64-bit Intel Itanium 2 processors, the 64-bit Linux scalability found in SGI Altix high-performance server products, and scalable ATI graphics processors (GPUs), SGI offers a system to solve the most demanding content creation and management at a dramatic new price point.
"The PathScale EKOPath Compiler Suite offers the world's fastest applications performance for 64-bit Linux clusters," explained Scott Metcalf, CEO of PathScale.
The 10Gb Ethernet adapter for SGI systems is available for both 64-bit Linux and IRIX operating systems.
Currently, IRIX, Solaris 8, Solaris 9, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Red Hat 7.3 and Red Hat 8.0 for 32-bit Linux, IBM AIX 5L, and 64-bit Linux for SGI Altix are supported, with Mac OS X Jaguar support, Panther support shipping by early June and more platforms to follow.
HP will offer its own Unix operating system, HP-UX, on Itanium II, and it is also investing heavily in 64-bit Linux.
To that end, this week, SGI will be rolling out the third generation of its CXFS shared file system, which now supports IBM Corp's AIX platform as well as both 32-bit Linux and 64-bit Linux platforms.
NodeGrid Service Processor is integrated with the latest 64-bit Linux OS - This combination enables lightning-fast response times and provides secure and reliable in-band and out-of-band vendor-neutral device management.
NodeGrid USB has 96 USB Type C ports integrated with a fast quad-core Intel CPU, built-in large storage, dual 10GbE SFP+ network and latest 64-bit Linux OS.
PowerMedia XMS 1.1 enhancements (over Release 1.0) include new management console features, expanded 64-bit Linux OS support, HD video processing at 720p resolution, and broader support for the standard MSML control protocol frequently used in conferencing applications.
The latest Top500 list spotlights the brisk momentum of rapidly deployable supercomputing systems based on Intel Itanium 2 processors and industry-standard implementations of 64-bit Linux. SGI Altix incorporates these powerful components and enhances them further with the SGI NUMAflex(TM) architecture.
Historically, PGI compilers and tools have been used predominantly on 32-bit and 64-bit Linux workstations, servers, and clusters based on microprocessors from AMD and Intel.