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being four more than sixty

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St Paul spread the word of Jesus to the Jewish diaspora during four journeys between 46 and 64 AD before he was captured and executed by the Romans.
In the second story, the TARDIS takes the timelord to Rome 64 AD, where the Doctor becomes embroiled in a plot involving Emperor Nero (Derek Francis).
In 1960, excavations in Coventry uncovered the remains of the ancient Roman fort that was established there in 64 AD, following the rebellion.
Roman trade with India was seen to have reached its height during the mid 1st century AD, with the amphorae and terra sigillata at the Roman port of Arikamedu, the Roman denarii and aurei finds from southern India, which mostly date to before 64 AD, and the evidence of those classical sources, especially the Periplus Maris Erythraei and Natural History of Pliny both dating to the middle of the 1st century AD, which point to a flourishing trade at this time.
Macdowell (in Ray & Salles: 79) argues that the reason why the denarii in India date to before the monetary reforms of 64 AD is that they were deliberately chosen for their high metal content, and that the Indian market was discerning enough to recognize debased coinage.