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the anniversary of the day on which you were married (or the celebration of it)

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Sheila Cuthbert said: "I didn't expect to be here for my 60th wedding anniversary, but sometimes life takes you by surprise.
| Peter and Pamela Harrison of Burton on the Wolds celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary on Valentine's Day.
Richard and Edna's parents Lauretta and Richard Heathcote marked their 60th wedding anniversary in April 1991, while Richard's parents Charles and Hannah Heathcote celebrated their diamond anniversary in April 1961.
We married in February 1958 and celebrated our 60th wedding anniversary on February 22 this year.
A COUPLE who spent much of their first two decades of married life apart have celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary.
Just when you thought no other wedding could generate buzz this year, after that newsy Vicki Belo-Hayden Kho wedding, then came the invite to the 60th wedding anniversary celebration of Sen.
Dover "Red" and Sue Leopard of Marcola recently celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary.
THIS week we have received a donation of PS120 from Laura, Ryan and Paul'in memory of our uncle Trevor Dent on the first anniversary.' A gift of PS60 comes from Edna and Joe Fisher, who tell us 'on February 18 we celebrate our 60th wedding anniversary and would like the fund to celebrate with us in appreciation of a good life together.' Congratulation Edna and Joe!
Los Angeles has been home for several years, but America has not made a dent in Clint's British accent although he laughingly points out: "I've been doing film music now longer than I was in Pop Will eat Itself." The 53-year-old was recently back in the UK for the 60th wedding anniversary celebrations of his parents and regularly keeps in touch with his family.
And the pair celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary just before Christmas.
Acaring couple celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary in right royal style - with a telegram from the Queen and surrounded by their family.
Douglas and Barbara received their telegram from the Queen when they celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary and enjoyed a day at Corley Cricket Club, with family and many friends, where there was an Under 16 game being played.
They were about to celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary, she added.
The unknown couple would have marked their golden wedding anniversary in 2002, and their 60th wedding anniversary two years ago.