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In addition, a Bridge of Allan Community Council Facebook survey found that 46 supported increasing Henderson Street waiting times from 30 minutes to 60 minutes while six favoured 30 minutes, and five a mixture of 30 and 60 minutes.
He had been contributing to 60 Minutes on a regular basis since 1996.
Only 5 percent of Arkansas workers had commutes of 60 minutes or longer.
Thank You 60 Minutes This group has a different take on the '60 Minutes' segment; the completely opposite reaction.
OB) stated on Tuesday that its proven deep frozen technology was mentioned in a CBS 60 MINUTES story Sunday night as the "highest medical standard" for safely and securely transporting cryogenically frozen materials.
The Jordanian cabinet earlier decided to adopt switching to wintertime by delaying clocks 60 minutes as of the last Friday of October each year, while switching to summertime by moving forward the clock 60 minutes as of the midnight of the last Thursday of March each year.
DO A YOGA DVD (60 MINUTES = 160 CALORIES) and relax reading a book (135 minuts =191 calories) TOTAL: 351 CALORIES GO FOR A MODERATE-PACED RUN (6MPH) 33 minutes = 350 calories DO A BODY-PUMP CLASS 60 minutes = 350 calories GO FOR AN INTENSE DANCE CLASS 48 minutes = 351 calories
Whatever the programme's shortcomings - and it's come in for its share of criticism - getting the 60 Minutes treatment is pretty much the US equivalent of a Knighthood for all those punters involved in pursuing the case.
THE North's newest transport supremo last night laid down a one-hour challenge - saying it should take no more than 60 minutes for any bus or car journey from one point within the "city region" to another.
Inc (Nasdaq:YHOO), an Internet brand, announced on Thursday (23 March) a partnership under which the 60 MINUTES video content and news packages will be brought to Yahoo
NGet kids outdoors to play for at least 60 minutes a day.
The length of the adult sessions are 60 minutes, and for the children's sessions 45-60 minutes (Amtmann, Berry & Spath, 2003).
Philip Scheffler, who was with the CBS News division for 52 years, left as the 60 Minutes executive editor at the end of the last TV season.
So does EMLA cream--an anesthetic cream that must be applied on the skin 60 minutes before a painful procedure.
Repairs that used to require eight hours are now completed in just 60 minutes using Sauereisen's 60-Minute Solution for restoration and protection of manholes.