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Synonyms for six pack

a carton containing six bottles or cans

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To the customer: This voucher entitles you to claim one free 6-pack of Seabrook crisps (6 x 25g) valid at all Booths, Farmfoods, Morrisons, Sainsbury's, Tesco, Waitrose, and Wilkinson stores.
To get your FREE 6-pack of Walkers Baked worth pounds 1.
Coconut Chocolate Chip CLIF Bars mislabeled in White Chocolate Macadamia CLIF Bar individual wrappers found in the above Coconut Chocolate Chip CLIF Bar 6-pack box with the same "Best By" date 16MAY13G1
And, the Animal Mobs 6-pack will include one of each of the following: Cow, Sheep, Tamed Wolf, Pig, Ocelot, and Chicken.
The GunCruzer Universal 6-pack gun case ends the long wait for a dependable, indestructible means of transporting a wide variety of handguns.
The Golfer's Ultimate 6-Pack represents the best of both worlds for adult golfers: the perfect ball for the first 18 holes, and the right beer for the 19th.
The hand held Motorola XTS 5000 6-pack case unit provides the military and civilian first responders ultimate protection in tough, inhospitable terrain.
All three seasonal beers will continue to be available on draft and in both 6-pack and 12-pack bottles.
This coupon entitles the bearer to a Seabrook 6-pack Crisps (Variety or Beefy).
Demanding field tests have proven this much: M4 6-Pack gun cases are indestructible; fitted with an impermeable seal that is 100 percent watertight.
com announces an exclusive Eppendorf 6-Pack Pipette Bundle, a new promotion on the Eppendorf Research plus.
has released its Klondike Premium Moist Tobacco 6-Pack Tubs.
Able to accommodate both full and empty glass bottles, the EZ Picker is available in a variety of sizes, from the standard 12-bottle carrier with notched centers for 6-pack loading, to carriers for 7 oz.
Each 6-pack includes four swimming drakes and two resting hens.