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the finger farthest from the thumb

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5th Proximal Phalanx Length (PPvL): The vertical distance between the starting point and the end point of the proximal phalanx belonging to the 5th digit.
5th Proximal Phalanx Distal Width (PPvDW): The transverse width of the distal region of the proximal phalanx belonging to the 5th digit.
The common manifestations in the observed affected limbs/autopods were: thumb hypoplasia (n=4) deviations (medial or valgus) of index fingers (n=3) campto-/brachy-dactyly of 5th digits (n=2) short and narrow palm (n=2) reduced arm length (n=2) and thumb agenesis (n=1).
Ectrodactyly (cleft) of the left hand, with three digits (1st, 2nd, and 5th digits).
MR imaging on 1.5 T units revealed diffused thickening of soft tissue of the right foot, involving the 3rd, 4th and 5th digits, appearing heterogeneously hyperintense on T1- and T2-weighted sequences with multiple thin linear low-signal intensity areas consistent with fibrous strands (Fig.
Synovitis ofthe extensor tendons occurs in 30% of cases of patients of rheumatoid arthritis and rupture of the tendons are more common in the extensor tendons of4th and 5th digits and in extensor pollicis longus (9).
Other common observations in the affected autopods were clinodactyly or shortening of 5th digits short and narrow palms and reduced arm lengths.