Queensboro Bridge

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a cantilever bridge across the East River between Manhattan and Queens

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The first team leads the tour through Manhattan, the Bronx, and Queens as far as the Astoria Park mid-point rest stop, while the second starts off a few minutes before 8:00, rides directly to the 59th Street Bridge, and then on to Astoria Park.
POP CORNER 1 59th Street Bridge Song (Feeling Groovy); 2 A-ha; 3 The Camera Never Lies.
I don't think it was my job to have Carrie Bradshaw sell apples under the 59th Street Bridge."
Or maybe it was "The 59th Street Bridge Song," which featured that memorable line: "Ba da da da da da da, feelin' groovy."
Don't spend hours searching for the spot where Brooklyn-born Woody Allen romanced Diane Keaton at dawn in 1979 classic Manhattan though - that was actually filmed further north at the 59th Street Bridge.
The pieces comprising this simply outstanding and highly recommended album include All I Want/America; The Times They area-Cahngin'; The Circle Game; The 59th Street Bridge Song (Feeling Groovy); Cowboy; The Coming of the roads; Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?; Shed a Little Light/Carry It On/ The Fiddle and the Drum; Fire and Rain; Rocky Raccoon; Let It Be; By the Time I Get to Phoenix; MacArthur Park; The Moon's A Harsh Mistress; And When I Die; Imagine; and the title piece, The Long and Winding Road.
"Being raised in Arizona, the drive into Manhattan over the 59th Street Bridge was like entering an alien world.
Pop posers: 1 59th Street Bridge Song (Feelin' Groovy); 2 Footloose; 3 Nick Heywood; 4 Fantastic Day; 5 1969; 6 Alanis Morisette; 7 Move; 8 Ned's Atomic Dustbin; 9 Come As You Are; 10 Offspring.
The performance that followed, "Homage to Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart," included an operatic rendition of a refrain from the Simon and Garfunkel song "The 59th Street Bridge Song (Feeling Groovy)." When the singing ended, the lights came back on.
A cardiology fellow who worked in our hospital walked 8 miles in the dark of night from Queens, across the 59th Street Bridge, to see what help was needed.
"I knew there was no other way to get home so I began walking and on 59th Street bridge someone stopped and gave me a lift," he said.
Indeed, the made-for-the-times lyrics, "Blue sky, sunshine/What a day for takin' a walk in the park", fell not far from those of "Good Day Sunshine" and "The 59th Street Bridge Song".
He said it looked as if the plane had crashed near the area's 59th Street Bridge.
"By the time I got to the 59th street bridge there were thousands and thousands of people streaming across trying to get back to Queens," he said.
A&P has put its New York City Food Emporiums in some rather unconventional spaces, including underneath the 59th Street Bridge and in the basement of a luxury apartment tower owned by developer Donald Trump.