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a compact disk that is used with a computer (rather than with an audio system)

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The CD Duplicator includes a 52X CD-ROM source drive and a 40X12X48X CD-RW target drive and will support CD-R, CD-RW, Audio CD, Video CD, Photo CD, Data CD, Mixed-mode CD, CD Extra, Hybrid CD, mini CD and Biz-Card CDs.
The Addonics Combo CDRW/Copier comes with a fast 52X CD-ROM as a source drive and a high speed 24 x 10 x 40 CDRW as the destination drive.
6 GHz processor, 256MB PC133 SDRAM, nVidia 64MB AGP graphics, 17-inch high-quality monitor, 52X CD-ROM, Windows(R) Me operating system, floppy drive, keyboard and mouse.
2GB/second Rambus memory, on-board Ultra ATA/100 Dual channel EIDE disk controller, optional 100Mb/second Ultra160 SCSI disk controller, single 300 watt ATX power supply, 52X CD-ROM and pre-loaded Linux operating system, all packaged in a mid-tower desk-side enclosure.
Priced starting at $1,388, the standard configuration includes Pentium III 733MHz processor, 128MB SDRAM (PC133), 15GB hard drive, 32MB AGP graphics, 52X CD-ROM, 10/100 Ethernet, Windows ME, floppy drive, keyboard, and mouse.